Maralin Village Primary School, Magherlin

The new build construction of a part single storey and part two storey primary school, and a separate single storey nursery school on an existing site in the village of Magheralin. The existing school was demolished after the removal of asbestos and the handover of the new school. Work on the nursery school commenced after the handover of the new school.

Site works consisted of roadways, parking, paths, fencing and gates, provision of hard and soft play areas, planting and the relocation of the entrance.

Key Features:

  • The project was phased to ensure the existing school remained in operation during the construction of the new school. It was business as usual for the existing students, staff and visitors alike who went about their normal activities
  • Working in and around the existing school provided many challenges, particularly in terms of safety, traffic management, deliveries, dust mitigation, noise and vibration control, and minimising inconvenience to the curriculum life
  • The complexity of the project was further enhanced as the site was located in a densely populated residential area
  • The remit from the outset was for the existing school to remain fully operational, minimise disruption to the users of the adjacent areas and the local residents, facilitate their safe access and egress during construction and ensure that security was intact all times, whilst delivering the project to the requirements of the bespoke Project Quality Plan (PQP) on time and budge
  • The project was used to educate on the dangers of construction sites whilst providing a prime example of good working practice
Key Project Information
Architect Southern Education & Library Board
Value £2.3m
Duration 78 weeks
Extra Information
Location Maralin, Co Armagh
Sectors Education