Drumragh Integrated College, Omagh

Built by Woodvale Construction Company, Drumragh Integrated College is a new co-educational College for approximately 600 pupils. It is located on the Crevenagh Road, just south of Omagh town.

A juxtaposition of various single and two storey forms create a universally accessible school, planned around a central courtyard which maximises light and promotes easy way finding.

The entrance is clearly articulated on the buildings frontage, nestled between the curved Principals office and the rectangular teaching block, it offers a welcoming approach.

The external envelope combines rendered block work, engineering brick and grey aluminium cladding to give a contemporary and durable simplicity to the building.

Key Features:

  • Difficult site involving substantial soil stripping and excavation to establish reduced levels
  • Environmental consultation and management systems were required to protect the local river during construction
  • Required meticulous co-ordination of Supply Chain Partners to ensure the programme was delivered on time and to budget
  • ‘Sample rooms’ and ‘mock-up’s’ were constructed to set the quality standards to be achieved upon completion
  • Photovoltaic (PV) panels were installed on the roof of the sports hall to supplement the heating system
  • A well planned and executed traffic management system was essential as the site was bounded by two roads, one of which accessed the neighbouring hospital, which was adjacent to the site
Key Project Information
Architect JNP Architects
Value £12.9m
Duration 108 weeks (School Building) 9 weeks (Siteworks)
Extra Information
Location The Trustees of Drumragh Integrated College
Sectors Education
“We knew of the strong reputation of Woodvale Construction prior to tender, and so were delighted when their bid was successful. They work with professionalism and their own high standards, providing a quality finish. They are easy to work and liaise with, and their foreman was simply outstanding – a gentleman and extremely good at his job. I fully recommend Woodvale Construction to you.”
Nigel Frith, Principal of Drumragh Integrated College